Innovative, Networked, All-In-One Integrated Motion System Package

InoWorx is built for modern engineers, as well as non-engineers who require highly reliable, accurate, and precise control of brushless DC motors. Simple to install, configure, and use, InoWorx allows you to program, and control one or more brushless DC servomotors over an Ethernet network with a highest degree of accuracy and precision. It effortlessly controls servomotors up to 400 watts with exceptional performance, utilizing InoSync™ for multi-axis, coordinated motion.

Our pre-packaged, integrated system, satisfies all of the demand of a full motion control system in a simple and low cost environment. It consists of hardware and software designed to make it as simple as possible to create motion where and when you need it.

The Software
InoWorx Programmer

Our InoWorx Programmer utilizes a revolutionary and intuitive approach to programming and controlling your moderately sized servo motors, in virtually all applications. You can develop and configure your automation and motion control system in a ladder free, code-free environment.

The Hardware

InoDrive is an innovative, networked, all-in-one integrated motion control card that, together with our InoWorx Programmer, produces highly reliable, accurate, and precise control of brushless DC motors. It combines all the capabilities of a servo amplifier, motion controller, and fully functional logic engine, into a single, flexible, and powerful control unit.

The Extended Ecosystem

We also offer a curated selection of accessories and components to create a total motion control platform. These include power supplies, motors, HMIs, and cables, and will work seamlessly with our InoDrive and InoWorx Programmer.

InoWorx is the perfect solution for a range of motion applications

  • Single axis control.
  • 2 or more axes that need to work in concert.
  • Cartesian type robot applications.
  • 2 or more logically connected axes
  • Linear or rotational indexing applications.
  • High speed precision operations
  • Applications where a PLC is not required or where one is not possible.

The InoWorx solution effectively bridges the gap between complicated expensive servo drives systems and low cost brushless AD/DC motor systems, while maintaining performance, accuracy and reliability. The future of modern servo control and performance is now a reality!

Easiest Motion Control Solution on the Planet!

Rather than having to research, mix and match, and assemble your motion control system from various catalogs of components, we've assembled the entire package for you. All you have to do is focus on creating the motion! In fact, you don't have to be an engineer to create motion with InoWorx! You can go from concept to motion very quickly.